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A Note From Janet

To the students and staff of Graham-Dustin Public School,

I am excited about the upcoming 2020-2021 school year and I hope everyone shares my excitement.  I want everyone to start this year with a clean slate.  No matter what your academic record has been in the past, let's approach this school year with a new attitude.  We cannot change the past but we can change our future with the decisions made today.

Take each day of the school year as a new opportunity to learn.  Focus on that day and accomplish the tasks set before you by the teachers.  Strive to do your personal best!  Grasp the learning opportunites put before you with a good attitude.  Strive to learn something new each and every day.

I am ready for a great school year!!!  Join me on Facebook and on this website as we celebrate learning and each other's accomplishments!


Janet Thomas




Wanda Mankin

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